Through my experiences in the public sector – legislative, judicial, and administrative, and at the local, state, and federal levels – I have been frustrated by the lack of voice given to rural communities in New York. Our region has gotten the short end of the stick for far too long. We need real solutions – not just talking points. I’m focused on working to deliver real results for the working families and businesses of the 21st District.

In Congress, my priorities include:

Revitalizing Our Economy

The North Country has experienced tough times and Don is fed up with politicians who talk about investing in our local economy but don’t take action.

Don believes we can’t give up on strengthening our communities and knows that the region has a bright future. Don will fight to bring businesses and jobs to the North Country and keep workers here. Rebuilding our infrastructure is a critical first step because businesses can only be expected to come to this region if we have the right foundation in place. Don also believes we must incentivize small business growth by cutting red tape and regulations, making it easier to access capital, and supporting programs that invest in innovation. Current priorities in Congress put big corporations over families. Don will put a stop to the handouts for special interests and the ultra-wealthy and instead give middle class families the tools they need to succeed: access to affordable childcare, paid family leave, and a living wage.

Educating Tomorrow’s Workers

To rebuild our economy and bring back jobs to the North Country, we have to ensure we are giving every child the tools they need to be successful.

This includes making college more affordable, providing relief from student loan debt, and providing tax incentives to increase skills and career training opportunities for those who don’t attend a four-year college. Investing in the economy and our future workers is a win-win, with high-quality workers luring business here and families finding a way to stay in the North Country.

Conservation Benefits Our Local Economy

Don’s background in environmental science, policy and law will make him a powerful advocate on environmental issues and jobs in our region.

Protecting our natural resources is not just good for our environment, it’s also good for our economy. Don has stood up to polluters in the North Country, representing towns affected by the PCB contamination of the Hudson River. In Congress, Don will stop the Trump administration’s reckless demolition of the Clean Water and Air Acts, make sure businesses act responsibly, and ensure that we are taking real steps to combat climate change. We have a strong tradition of working and playing in the outdoors and our economy depends on keeping our environment safe for agriculture, recreation, and tourism.

Improving Access to Health Care

Don believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care.

As an attorney, Don fought insurance companies who denied coverage to their customers when they needed it most. He understands how important it is that patients are now protected from the abuses of big insurance. The ACA has made progress in improving access to health care, but Don knows there is still work to be done to improve the law by stabilizing insurance markets, reducing the costs of prescription drugs, and lessening burdens on small businesses.

Protecting our Promise to Seniors

The promises that we make to our seniors as a society are among the most important.

Social Security is one of the most successful government programs and has protected millions of seniors from poverty in their retirement. Don will fight any attempt to privatize or cut Social Security benefits and opposes privatizing, voucherizing, or “phasing out” Medicare.

Honoring Our Veterans

Don believes soldiers and their families who make sacrifices to serve our country deserve our full support.

Don supports investing in job training programs through educational institutions and in partnership with private companies, and tax incentives to businesses who hire veterans. Improving access to health services by making the VA more efficient and accessible, while taking advantage of new technology like telehealth, to get more veterans care is a top priority. Mental health issues for veterans is a serious crisis and Don supports providing improved counseling and better treatment for TBIs. Our military families should also have access to job training, child care, and counseling needed to confront the challenges of military life.