Through my experiences in the public sector – legislative, judicial, and administrative, and at the local, state, and federal levels – I have been frustrated by the lack of voice given to rural communities in New York. Our region has gotten the short end of the stick for far too long. We need real solutions – not just talking points.

In Albany, my priorities include:

Revitalizing Our Local Economy

Don will incentivize small business growth by cutting red tape and regulations, making it easier for local business owners to access capital, and supporting programs that invest in innovation. Don will give middle class families the tools they need to succeed: access to affordable childcare, paid family leave, and a living wage. He will also be a voice in Albany for the rights of our hard-working union members.

Investing in Public Education

To truly revitalize our economy, we have to ensure we are giving every child the tools they need to be successful. This includes investing in our public schools and teachers, making college more affordable, providing relief from student loan debt, and creating tax incentives to increase career training opportunities.

Ensuring Clean Drinking Water

Every family should be able to trust that their drinking water is clean, safe, and healthy. Don has represented local towns affected by the PCB contamination of the Hudson River in court, and his background in environmental science, policy, and law will make him a powerful advocate for clean water in our region.

Improving Access to Health Care

Don believes that everyone deserves access to high-quality, affordable health care. Making health insurance more affordable, expanding coverage options, reducing health care costs, and protecting the rights of consumers are all important steps to ensure that every member of our community can receive the health care they need.

Battling the Opioid Crisis

Don knows how the many families and communities have been devastated by the heroin and opioid addiction crisis. He will fight for state funding for new detoxification and treatment beds in local hospitals, to ensure that anyone who is ready to seek help can do so immediately. Don will also work to expand programming in and access to local recovery centers and prevention programs.

Protecting our Promise to Seniors

After spending their lives contributing to our economy, raising families, and serving our country, seniors deserve to have their health, livelihoods, and families protected. Don will fight to increase seniors' economic security through food programs, heating and cooling assistance, public transportation, and other state programs. He will also support policies that allow seniors to live safely at home and protect them from elder fraud and abuse.

Honoring Our Veterans

Those who serve our country with honor deserve complete support from our state government. Don will work to ensure that every local veteran receives the health, disability, and education benefits that they have earned, and will make himself available to help veterans address any challenges they may face as a result of their military service. He will also fight to expand veterans' access to the mental health services that they deserve after placing their lives on the line to protect our country.